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Roof & Shade Structures

vangrosse_roof.pngShade, it's invaluable. We provide options that will help you get the most from your outdoor area, whether it's a simple pergola or elaborate roof.

Budget permitting, a patio cover or roof is the best way to get this done. Shed roofs, hip roofs, timber frame roofs, the possibilities are unlimited. Add finishing touches with can lights or ceiling fans. Upgrade the ceiling to a pine or aspen tongue & groove, we have examples of all of these at our showroom.



Pergolas, while they won't keep you dry, can deliver valuable shade in the right situation. Typically, these are built of lumber, often rough sawn cedar is utilized. Lower grades of lumber can be solid stained to match a body or trim color of a house. Upgrade to heavy timber for a unique look, a 4X8 rafter or 8X8 post can dramatically change the look of things. See our photo galleries for examples.