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February 2011: Just a reminder to our customers who live in pre 1978 homes, the controversial EPA rules with regards to lead paint abatement and dust control ARE IN EFFECT as of January 1st, 2011. Without getting into specifics and writing a short novel, if you live in a pre 1978 home, you are required to have an EPA certified "RRP" contractor perform the work. The fines and/or penalties are staggering, they can be over $30,000 per day. Though we certainly don't agree with the new policy, Decks Unlimited has taken the necessarry lead abatement training, and obtained firm certification with the EPA. Again, this only applies to homes built prior to 1978.

January 2011: Timbertech will be adding wrapped composite decking to their offerings this year, adding momentum to the fastest growing segment of the market. The new Evolutions decking will carry a 25 year no fade/no stain guarantee, making it a touch choice to ignore. As a family owned company with a reputation for outstanding customer service, we are very excited about the new Evolutions product line. Colors will be Rosewood, Teak and Walnut. These colors join the current XLM offerings, making for a great set of choices within the Timbertech brand.

November 2010: TREX will be adding two colors to their Transcends line, Spiced Rum and Lava Rock. Much like the existing and very popular Fiberon Horizons line, these colors will have varied color and streaking. Composite companies are pushing ahead with wrapped composite decking, and we believe this will be the future of our business. The new colors make a total of six offerings within the TREX Transcends product line.

August 2010: Hidden or concealed fastening systems continue to gather interest for decking. Though one cannot argue with the extremely clean finished look, it's important when considering these systems to be aware of what is involved. Hidden fastening systems are much like a tongue and groove hardwood floor. Planks in the field (middle of the deck) cannot be removed and replaced with ease like a top fastened deck. Typically, to access the under side of the deck or framing, it's necessary to start at the outer edge of the deck and work back to the area in question. This is especially worth considering if you have a ground level deck with sprinkler control valves, utilities, or anything of importance below the deck.

May 2010: We often have customers who look to save some money by going to a generic or big box product line for their decking choice. When you think about it, who isn't interested in saving a few bucks here and there? Timbertech now offers Reliaboard, available in both Gray & Cedar, as an option to compete for this segment of the market. This product is designed to compete directly with some of the upstarts and generic brands, but offers the same great warranty and support we've come to know from a market leader. It's a great choice to consider for a budget oriented project.

April 2010: AZEK has announced several new and exciting colors coming to market. Redland Rose, Morado, and Acacia join their already outstanding line as additions that will incorporate color streaking and variance, much like the TREX Brasilia and Fiberon Horizon decking lines. Hit the link on our site for more info!

February 2010: We are extremely pleased to announce the completion of a new agreement with our suppliers in regards to pricing on the Evergrain Vibrance line. Considered by many here to be the most attractive composite product available, we will now be able to retail the Vibrance line in pricing on an almost par level with other popular composite lines. This equates to about a $2 per sq. ft. reduction!! Vibrance colors include Golden Oak, Cherrywood and Rustic Birch.

January 2010: TREX Transcends will be the newest product launched this year. This is a traditional composite plank wrapped on three sides with a proprietary nine material mix. The bottom is left as traditional composite to allow for functional breathing of the core. Low sheen, deep grain, and an uprecedented 25 YEAR FADE AND STAIN warranty guarantee make this line very attractive. We expect to see extremely strong sales of this product line in the coming year. Pricing lands between TREX Accents composite and TREX Escapes PVC. Hit the TREX link on our site for more info!!